Sonntag, 1. März 2009

Things that are making me happy this fine Sunday eve...

1) Spring was definitely in the air today. We even had the door open in the pub I work in. And people sitting out on the terasse.

2) I was apparently doing my rent sums wrong and am, joyously, not As Fucked As I Thought. Hurrah.

3) I may celebrate with some sushi this evening. I am getting into sushi since my move to Berlin (it was astronomically expensive in Dublin, like everything else in Dublin). I like its aesthetic and the fact that it makes me feel Sophisicated and Healthy.

4) I am going to see The War on Drugs on Saturday night. In Tascheles. With my pregnant friend. She'll love it, pregnant ladies are mad for squats.

5) I cannot stop listening to Fight Like Apes. Which makes me doubly happy as they are from Ireland. Finally the Isle comes up with a decent band. And look how pretty the video is:

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