Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Ah, November in Berlin!

What a joyous, joyous month. Piss-rainy, cold, and I'll eat my fucking hat if anyone's seen the sun for a week. Oh, and Sunday doesn't count as I was hungover and didn't leave the house. Anyway, I think it's high time I started thinking about ways to Combat the Grey.

CTG Plan Nummer Eins: DRINK. I am now on my third winter in Berlin, and I feel it's going to be another of vaguely toying with alcoholism, which is not to be confused with my Daily Summer Drinking Plan, which is celebratory and social, and therefore not in anyway lamentable or worrying. Oh no, Winter Alcoholism is an entirely different show pony because it is born not out of joy and sunshine but cold, hard necessity. Seriously, I have not seen the sun in DAYS, all the kids are snotty as all get out and my umbrella has not dried out for four days straight. The only thing for it, literally, is to drink. I am trying to keep myself off the Gluehwein until atleast the third week of November but if this weather doesn't pick up I ain't making no promises.

CTG Plan Nummer Zwei: listen to weird Berlin and Brandenburg Radio stations. Namely Berliner Runkfunk 91.4. Seriously, it plays the HITS. Though, ironically, not at this very moment. Ha, no, total lies. Tom Jones, She's a Lady. Hells to the yeah.

CTG Plan Nummer Drei: Hot chocolate and knitwear and good books.Often it's good to go with the classics.

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

On being engaged.

So being engaged is lovely. Just lovely. You get to prance around with a sweet ring on your finger and an even sweetner feeling of smugness that you'll never again have to worry if he's ever going to caaaaaaaall???? People bring champagne to your house and all your girlfriends treat you like a princess. It is freakin' awesome.

Planning a wedding in four months, however, slightly less lovely and smug-making. Not the actual ceremony, food and party bit, that's fun and, you know, not too difficult unless you happen to be demented and care about things like colour schemes and having everything fit into your "romantic/casual Parisian rose garden in June" theme. No, that's the stuff I'm enjoying thinking about, other stuff not so much:

Other stuff like the fact I'm marrying an American. I mean, obviously, I love that my betrothed is American (not least because he sounds very sexy when he sings country songs and also deeply understands my appreciation for all things pie-related) but dear God and sweet baby Jesus, does it ever complicate things. We are currently in the midst of his marriage visa application, a process devised to inject your special day with the romantic thrills that can only come from endless paperwork and fingerprinting. Hurrah!

It is also proving staggeringly difficult to find (even a picture of) a wedding dress that isn't horrible. Or covered in seqins. Or feathers. Or bows. Or ALL OF THE FREAKIN' ABOVE. Seriously, so many hideous merengues, only so much time to wade through all the crap and Swarovsky. However, on my daily trawl of the few wedding themed websites I can stomach, I might just have happened upon something. Obviously, it will only be stocked in some silly boutique in Williamsburg (hipsters get married too!), so I shall have to get it made. I also want to tweak it a bit anyway, for added individuality and, if I'm honest, SEX APPEAL. So if anyone knows a Berlin based dress makery type person, hit me up. Please.

I've just come to the horrible realisation that I've written a whole paragraph about my search for a perfect wedding dress. For strangers to read. On the internet. If you'll excuse me I have to go lie down in a darkened feminist novel. Good night.