Freitag, 27. August 2010

Brokety, brokety, broke.

Again. Seriously, I have no idea how I do it. And no, I'm not one of those fools that says that whilst fondly gazing at the new 80 euro boots she just bought herself. I swear to you, I do not really buy things unless absolutely fucking necessary. I had to force myself two weeks ago to buy some jeans and flats because my other jeans and flats had two holes apeice in them, and had done for months. I haven't had a haircut in about seven years and God knows, I barely spend money on things like cosmetics (I only really wear foundation and mascara as, in the words of many who have tried to get me "into" other eye make-up, I look "um...yeah..really fucking weird" wearing much else).

All of this then begs the question WHERE THE HOLY HELL IS ALL MY MONEY GOING? I have racked my brains and racked my brains and still have no idea. Which leads me to the uncomfortable conclusion that my lack of funds is still down to the worst of all financial pitfalls, the Drunk Withdrawal. You know the one, the "ish only two a.m, and I wansh more vodka ansh stuffs, so fucking wash if there'sh no Postshbank cashpoint in the Naehe, I'll jussst fucking use thisssh one, fuck the six euro chargsh". SIX EUROS? Are you fucking insane? That's a delicious Vietnamese feast at Hamy PLUS icecream after, you drunken nutbag.

Oh well, I figure being broke keeps me qualifying as living on the edge, despite my steady job (as a teacher, ffs) and steady beau (do I miss the days of actually having to entertain the thought of going home with the maniacs only I seem to attract in clubs? HA!). And, as we all know, living on the edge keeps one hip and attractive and away from trouser suits, which is bound to be a good thing.

Samstag, 21. August 2010

Happy Weekend Everyone!

This weekend happiness is being sent my way from several quarters. Hope yours is too.

1. The weather is all lovely and sunny and warm again. But also BREEZY so not GODDAWFULLY SWEATY. An important distinction, that.

2. The Boyfriend and I (I say "and I", I will be having little to do with it, really...) are making carnitas today. I have never eaten carnitas before but anything to do with Mexican food, tender pork and the Boyfriend's cooking is bound to be good.

3. Glee. If you haven't started watching it, do. Show choirs singing and dancing to uplifting and jazzy songs, teen drama and the struggle of committed teaching staff to do right by their pupils? It's like it was freakin' MADE FOR ME.

4. I'm back at work so I got to spend the week in the company of hilarious minature people who tell you endless stories about their Grandma and the time they saw a crab.

5. Fantasing about taking Alexa Chung out for cake. Such, such a pretty girl, and I think she could actually be quite cool and we could hang out and talk about music and clothes and stuff, but such, SUCH a great need for cake.

I have to go and shower now, in preparation for a nice sunny stroll to Hermannplatz for the purchasing of a pig's ass meat. Unless the BF has been using my limited grasp of the technicalities of Mexican food/what happens in the real world to mislead me for his own amusement, that is what we are actually doing today.

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Life Administration.

Sucks. Big time. You know what I mean, all the boring useless crap like sorting out health insurance and opening and closing bank accounts and general useless boring crap. And Sweet Baby Jesus Lord, is there a lot more of it to do over here. I'm never moving house again. Except of course that I am. Again. In two weeks. Or at least I will be if I ever find a fucking place to live.

Hopefully, hopefully I have a place sorted, though that might not be avaiable til mid-October, by which point I'll be so bloody fed up I'll be ready for the hills. I'm just hoping it'll be okay becuase I think any time I spend on Wggesucht is damaging to my health. Seriously, will noone, NOONE, pick up on the irony of writing a three paragraph description about how "unkompliziert" their flatshare is? Christ Almighty, it's enough to make me miss the mad estate agents of Dublin who used to show us round flats (after the initial wait of an hour whilst he went back to the office to get the right keys) that had knives in the toilet bowl.

On the plus side, the weather is still nice, I'm going to tapas in a bit, and someone wonderful made me a yummy burger yesterday. All is not lost, all is in fact going pretty okay.