Dienstag, 10. März 2009

Reasons to be cheerful...

So the last post was a little serious, but I feel I needed to say it all. However, this is not a political blog and so here are some things that have cheered me up today:

1) At home I get to eat wall to wall M & S food FOR FREE.

2) I also got to read the Guardian and Love it! whilst eating a sausage roll. Good times, AND I have the newest Elle for later.

3) I got chatted up in the street today (I mean, he was obviously a lunatic, but still). I love it that here you still smile and say hello in the street but it does up my already alarming tendency to attract oddballs. He was pretty smooth though, at first, asking me what I was listening to (I had my headphones round my neck), then swiftly changing that to "What are we listeing to?". His skills slumped rather and he reverted to the time old Northern Irish boy trait of prolonging the conversation by trying to convinve me that my accent is so weird I could not be originally from here (A hint, lads, implying a girl is so stupid that she doesn't understand the question "Na, na but where are ye ARIGNILY from?" will NOT get you laid).

All in all a pretty good day AND I found this piece of awesomeness on the auld World Wide Web:

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