Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

Things to do in Berlin this week (for less than a tenner).

1) Pretend you live in an house brilliant enough to have details like this painted around the window. If I lived here I would fling the window open every morning and serenade the world.

2) Go to Broken Hearts Club tonight in the Ballhaus Berlin. It promises to be a riot of over-the-top tomfoolery with wall-to-wall scenesters.

3) Eat a Wunderbar.

4) Buy Neon magazine. Even if you don't understand it, it has cool fashion-y bits and photoshoots which *bargain tip of the week* you can stick up on your walls rather than spend your hard earned euros on posters. It also has good articles usually, which take me bloody ages to read as they're auf Deutsch of course, which means the magazine lasts for ages. Whoop!

5) Join a video shop place and rent Grey's Anatomy, buy the biggest and cheapest bottle of red wine you can find (preferably decide to do all this at 1 a.m.), and just EMOTE for a few hours. Better than therapy, I say, and not nearly as damaging to the wallet. To the dignity, yes, but never the wallet.

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