Montag, 2. März 2009

Supermarket Sweep.

I went to three supermarkets today. Three! And you know why? Because my reduced financial means have made me into the kind of woman who Shops Around. I know which supermarkets to go to for what kind of goods. Netto for fruit and vegetables, Lidl for things in tins and Edecca for meat. My flatmate and I not only do not throw out the "Special Offer" leaflets that arrive in our Briefkasten as if by magic (actually, not by magic, I know people deliver them because we have the bastarding first buzzer and so let most of them in. Dudes come EARLY.) we actually READ THEM and work out what to buy where that week. My flatmate cut out a coupon to get a mop for cheaper (9.90 at Real, if you're wondering) the other day. We are planning a trip to Ikea tomorrow because we got a coupon for pretty vases from there in the post today. This is all well and good but IT IS NOT THE SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL (techno) LIFESTYLE WE LEFT THE ISLE FOR. Plus, I am worried that no pretty boys WILL EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN if I spend all my time going from discount supermarket to discount supermarket like some deranged pensioner.

So, this week(end) I am injecting the SDARAR back into my B-lizzle existance. On the cheap, obvs. Tonight I am drinking FREE WINE (someone left it in my flat) and when I finish that I may well move on to Tafel Wein (89c per delicious litre, from Spar, which is the best and cheapest on offer AS I WOULD BLOODY WELL KNOW). Okay, it's not exactly Fear and Loathing but it beats sitting eating waffel mischung out of the bag (soooo good, by the way, and on special offer in Real im moment. OH MY GOD.) and watching Hell Boy II (which is what I did last night). This weekend, as already mentioned, I am going to a squat to watch a rock and roll band and I fully intend to be inappropriately dressed, drunk and Overtly Forward. I enjoy boys with guitars, you see, and as they're Yanks I shall be applying my friend Kate's philosophy that as fellow English speakers in a land they probably don't know the correct lingo for chatting up the locals they shall be AT MY MERCY. Awesome. As are they, incidentally:

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