Montag, 16. März 2009

Back in Berlin.

So after a minor setback circa Sunday 6 a.m. (a hint- getting wasted on Buckfast if you have a flight at 0605 is NOT A GOOD PLAN) I am officially Back in Berlin. It's good to be home, away from "the crunch", closing times and overly censorious ad campaigns. And where things are not ridiculously over priced (my tea-and-cake habit it seems is not sustainable in Dublin, where people seem to think it's acceptable to charge 4.60€ for a piece of cake. Harumph!). A trip back to the old country does wonders for my relationship with Berlin and this week I have been mostly been giving thanks that I am broke here rather than broke at home which, on my current salary, would mean I could just about afford a box in a doorway somewhere. It also is very Springy here which makes me so happy I could sing. The above were taken in the Volkspark in F'hain (one of my favourite places in Berlin, I have to say), don't those little flowers seem to be shouting "ACHTUNG!!! SUMMER IS COMING!!!!"? They do to my mind anyway.

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