Mittwoch, 4. März 2009

So yesterday was a Bad Day... I didn't blog as all I wanted to do was moan and bitch and gripe and complain (thanks to Kate who joined me in doing so and provided the accompanying proper tea and plain chocolate digestive biscuits, no mean feat in this town) and noone needs to hear that. But today has been much better and I feel much better disposed towards Berlin for several reasons:

1) There is definitely a hint of a tint of Spring around these days. For the first time in about three months I AM NOT WEARING A THERMAL VEST.

2) This lovely Springyness means I can walk around in relative comfort (which is a double bonus as I currently can't afford public transport) and look at all all the wonderments that Berlin (or at least the walk between my home and P'berg/house-of-Kate-and-her-digestive-biscuits) has to offer, like the awesome graffiti above.

3) I might soon have an exciting new job which will not involve selling/pulling/carrying pints of Guinness. I don't want to say anything in case I jinx it though, so for the moment it is Top Secret.
4) I am going to scrabble up all my loose change and go for a pint in my favourite bar in Friedrichshain in a bit. It is truly lovely (in a dark and dirty way), with awesome music and hilarious Americans who are never "bartenders" but rather "screenwriters" and "musicians", despite the fact that they just pulled your pint. It's also as cheap as chips- 3€ for a big beer and 3.50€ for a gin and tonic. What's not to love?

5) I am going home next week and plan to eat nothing but Creme and Mini Eggs.

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