Montag, 23. Februar 2009

Berlin I love you, but you're bringing me down...

...because you're being cold and rainy and I have very little funds for coffee and cake and vintage shoes and all the other things that make me love you so.

BUT, sitting around and moaning about this is not going to make things better and so I am starting this blog about fun and inexpensive things to do in Berlin. Hurrah. It may also be pretty heavy on the coffee (and/or swanky tea which I am now, somewhat upsettingly, getting Very Involved with) and cake front. Which reminds me, I had AWESOME chocolate cake (I branched out from my usual cheesecake and man, did it Pay Off) today. And nice swanky tea. In Kuchen Rausch (sorry, my combination of English laptop and German external keyboard won't let me do proper Deutsch punctuation) on the corner of Boxhagner Strasse and Simon-Dach Strasse in F'hain (where I live). I highly recommend it, though just to warn you the pistachio cheesecake has some form of amaretto style liqueur in it, which may be your thang but I was somewhat disappointed with it a while back. But the Choco Choco is good and fudgy and yummy. Coffee/tea and cake comes to about a fiver here and the staff are nice and smiley and keep speaking to you in German even when yours isn't great (is there anything more aggravating than when the waiter/ess hears your Deutsch and immediately starts speaking in distainful English?). Do it.

Another fun and FREE thing to do is to go to the Volkspark in F'hain (or any Volkspark, or any park for that matter. Far be it from me to be a park bigot.), especially if it is snowy. If you can, take a friend with you who is so hungover she vomits behind a lampost en route (tragic but SO FUNNY). Above (because I am stupid and ineffectual when it comes to technology and I can't work how to post them below) are some photos which are so pretty they make me feel guilty for saying B-lizzle was bringing me down, it's not, I was just being Spoilt and Ungrateful, as any mother would tell me.

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