Freitag, 11. März 2011

The Missus.

Yup, that's me. A married woman. Hence why I haven't blogged in AN AGE. Too busy getting married and doing the necessary gin drinking and comedy dancing that constitute our family gatherings. But yes, I'm back in the land of reality now (as much as I ever am... Jesus, doesn't that sound lame? Like I see myself as some free-spirit hippie fairy. I don't, I'm just a bit vague, is what I'm getting at). And as my Lenten bit I am going to post something every day for the next forty days. And if not every day then at least one for every day (I have to catch up a bit already), if you get me. It was either this or joining the gym and going three times a week. This won. Needless to say.

Right, okay, interesting stuff...I've been discovering lots of new blogs lately. This is of course because of the large gap left in my blogosphere by the departure of the Wedding Blogs. We shall not speak of the WBs again, as they are truly, truly ridiculous to anyone but wimmen planning their "Big Day". Though there seem to be a huge volume of women who keep reading them even after their wedding has been and gone. Really? How can you like weddings that much? I mean, I LOVED my own but it was, you know, mine. Anyway, yes, so I've resorted to my old favourites, food and pretty pictures blogs.

Joy the Baker (I want to move into her kitchen and become her friend and have her bake me treats all day. In a non-creepy way. Maybe...)

Erin Ever After (I like the things she likes)

Have a read, Internet Folks, you like blogs, you like food (if you don't please stop reading this blog, it is NOT FOR YOUR KIND), you probably like pretty things, and so you might just like these.

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