Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

The Guardian's New Europe

So the Guardian are doing a series on "New Europe", whatever the dickens that means, and this week Germany ist dran. This article might be a little on the facile side but generally I found it fairly accurate and amusing. Any other Berliners/Germans/random people who have ended up living in Germany out there who feel differently? I am interested in how nations see themselves, and how this correlates with other views, however (un)informed*.

Me, I quite like the Germans, deep down. Except that it takes you bloody ages to reach "deep down", as opposed to Ireland where time required to move from near-strangers to near-best-friends = approx. half a pint/full normal-sized cuppa. And until you get there it's all Frau Chamberlain this, Sie that. Formal and restrained and just the teensiest bit cold. At least in my experience.

* If this sounds like I'm soliciting for material for some sort of thesis, I'm not. Just really, really nosy.

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