Freitag, 11. März 2011

More Wedding Stuff

And then I will stop, I promise.

At the ceremony, which was in the lovely Armagh Registry Office/Council Chambers, Steven and I walked in (together, European style. I think. They do it in Greece, anyway) to this song, my cousin read the lyrics to this as our reading, my brothers played this one, and then we walked out to this.

I want to do it ALL OVER AGAIN.


  1. Very massive congratulations to you both. It looks like you guys got married in much the same way as Rosie and I did: exactly as you wanted it, and without unnecessary, showy expense. You'll be all the more glad of it when you go to other weddings and see that people have just splashed the cash instead of putting their own stamp on it. I hope marriage brings you every happiness.

  2. Thank you so much, what a lovely comment. I have to say, we very much tried to stay away from anything "weddingy" and golly, did it pay off. We also had the not-inconsiderable advantage of having my mother who catered, hosted and paid for the whole thing, without a whimper of complaint (at least to my face). Amazing woman, amazing party. I hope you're finding marriage as super duper as I am (reading your blog, I'm sure you are).