Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

How to have a cheap and delicious dinner...

...because this blog was actually supposed to be about being broke in Berlin and what to do about it, rather than my endless ramblings.

1. Take the day old baguette off the kitchen counter and run it under a little water. Stick it in the oven at about 150 degrees for 10 mins. Stale to lovely and crunchy and soft-in-the-middle in two easy steps! Fry two free-range eggs (seriously, I am not usually too fussy about food but battery eggs, really? Really?) in (quite a lot) of butter. Not oil, butter. If butter is important enough for me to have a really embarrassing strop with my fiance in Karstadt about it's good enough for you to fry your eggs in. While they are frying up salt and pepper 'em liberally. Take the bit of salad that is just about to go a bit wrong out of the bottom of the fringe, pick out the really dodgy bits and put some salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it. Enjoy, I know I did!

2. Get a doener from the place just at Rathaus Neukoelln U Bahn. Can't remember the name but the sign is vaguely orange and you have to go up steps into it. Their meat is all delicious and stewed tasting. They also do a fine lentil soup.

3. Make soup. It is literally the most bestest thing to do in the winter. It is also easy peasy. 1 part onion, 1 part potato, 1 part other vegetable (or mix of vegetables), 4 parts stock, plus seasoning. The blend that shit up with one of those funky hand held thingymajiggys and eat it with bread and your lovely friends who have come to help you out with wedding invitations. Gals, I love y'all.


  1. I had soup today. It wasn't that good. I think I added too much water.

  2. Really? Nothing more aggravating than a soup gone wrong. Another good rule of thumb is to add just enough stock to cover the vegetables. Don't give up!