Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

Things I need to stop doing... that I am about to become a Proper Grown Up Married Person.

# 1. Always being hungover on Thursdays.

# 2. And Tuesdays.

# 3. Having half a bag of cheese nachos as "an hors d'oevre".

# 4. Only doing laundry when begged by the Betrothed or when the pile behind the door makes it difficult to open said door.

# 5. Relying on kebabs for my vegetable intake.


  1. Ha! So marriage is supposed to mean cutting out all the fun? No way! I say hungover morning quota should increase, along with mornings spent in bed with yer fellow. :)

  2. I worry that you deem any of the above "fun". Though I do say YES to more mornings in bed...