Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

So the weekend

was awesome and all but the emotional fall-out from all the drinking and non-sleeping and general CAROUSING was on a truly terrifying scale. You know that feeling when you just know for absolute certain that NOTHING WILL EVER BE OKAY EVER AGAIN. Well yes, that times about a hundred.

But of course everything is okay again, for various reasons:

1) We are listening to Rod Stweart. Yes, Roddy ma boy, I do like your body and I think you're sexy. Your version of Ruby Tuesday, on the other hand, is fucking horrific.

2) My cousin Emily is coming tonight. And then my dad, my sister and my brother are coming on Friday. Hurrah!!

3) After days, nay weeks, of truly fucking shocking weather Berlin has finally pulled its socks up and produced some lovely sunshine. No more tramping about in your flatmate's effective but terribly unsexy raincoat in torrential rain trying to buy cotton wool before you go and teach 8 six-year-olds about "winter clothes" (this is how ridiculous my life is, yes).

4) Sunshine = White Russians. Hurrah!

Life is good again.

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