Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

(More) (cheap) things that make me happy I am in Berlin:

There is a man here who does cookie treasure hunts. He hand delivers your winnings. Unfortunately he is apparently already married, but is opening a shop soon. In the absence of free love I am prepared to pay for (cookie) love. Check it out.

Burgeramt (clever, eh?) on Boxhagener Platz. Amazing burgers and good, generous portions of properly cooked chips. For about a fiver, if even. I had the chicken burger with Erdnusssauce. Odd, but delicious. Lena went for chicken guacamole which had big strips of fresh mango in it. She said it was yummy yummy.

The fact that you meet so many awesome people here. I mean, this goes for everywhere, apart from maybe prison or the House of Commons, but it seems to be doubly true here. In the past week/end alone I met a girl who edits a photography magazine (and owns a brilliant black jumpsuit), another who cuts hair, bakes cakes AND events manages at places like Glastonbury, and yet another who has taken three months off teaching sculpture to three year olds (how, how, HOW?! Mine can barely colour in a house...) to travel around Europe. Wowee.

The fact that you can buy eight mini ciabatta rolls in a bag for like 75c. I still get excited everytime I take a warm broetchen from the oven. If anyone knows of anything better than bread straight from the oven do let me know.

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