Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

Things that depressed me today:

Doing lots of lovely shopping, including buying ingredients to try to replicate haircutting, cakebringing Becky's brownies of joy, only to have my card refused at the desk. Depressing and also sehr sehr peinlich.

Reading my online bank statement.

Being berated (even worse as she was smiling and gushing throughout, but a berating it was) by one of the kids I teach's mother for "always talking too loudly in the class". Show me someone who can keep a group of crazed six year olds occupied for an hour in a small room full of toys that they're not supposed to play with whilst trying to interest them in learning English without raising their voice occaisionally and I will show you someone who uses valium as a teaching aid.

I think this is actually all there was. I feel much better now. Catharsis and all that jazz, I guess. Huzzah.

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