Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

I have a lot of errands to run today.

And none that I'm particularly looking forward to. Apart from two: picking up a parcel that the lovely Sarah (my teaching-the-world-to-sing/shut-the-hell-up-for-two-bloody-seconds mentor) has sent me which I think is full of stuff to bribe kids with, and shopping for Jessie and Lena's birthday presents. Apart from these fun and possibly cake related activities (as in they require some walking, and therefore SUSTENANCE. Nothing so sustenancing as cake) I have to:

Go to my office to leave in my invoice for last month. This involves a lot of INTERFACING with GERMANS IN SUITS, not my most favourite activity ever. And pretty light on the cake front.

Send off a letter to the Student Loans Company detailing just how little money I earn and thus convincing them not to try to take it all away from me. This will involve writing a serious Dear Sir type letter which I am considering hand writing on a bit of old file paper, as I can't be arsed with/afford the printing off of a typed one. This will only help my argument I feel.

Fill out a German tax form.

Go to goddamned Spandau to teach for 45mins. I travel for FOUR TIMES THAT to get there and back. I fail to see how this is normal.

And goddammn it all to hell I have to go there NOW.

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