Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Oh My Goodness...

So I was reading this blog, which linked me to this post on another. And now I'm crying. But in a good way. Read it and have your faith in humanity do a wee jump. It's made me feel all yummy and happy and I'm going to spend te rest of the morning drinking tea and looking at cottages in the west of Ireland so things are only going to get BETTER.

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  1. Heya Megan. Came upon your blog a while back and stumble in from time to time. Have a question for you. I do editing and writing things for a website called Young-germany.de. This month things there are all about why Germany is a sweet place to travel to, and looking at your blog just now I was thinking, hey, maybe I could do an interview with you? About why you decided to move to Berlin and a bit about how to do things on the cheap there that being yer motto and all. Can put in some links to you blog for fame, glory, etc, if you like as well. What do you think? Yuo can get a hold of me at NicoletteDOTstewartATfsdDOTde if yer interested.