Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

Have spent the weekend...

...stony, stony broke as I won't get paid 'til the morrow. Subsequently, I have spent my days lusting after things I cannot at this very moment have. Some of these things are mere pipe dreams, and others are things I may very well treat myself to tomorrow, or as soon as I locate them.

CAKE. Now, anyone reading this who actually knows me will point out that about 90% of my time is already taken up with lusting after cake, but when I can't actually literally afford any cake this creeps up to around the 98% mark. Particularly as I recently discovered the Brezel Company on Lenaustrasse in Neukoelln. Oh but their cakes all look delicious and I can vouch for the chocolate and pear tarte as genuinely being so. Their waffles also will make you (well, made me..) make incomprehensible but very appreciative sounds for a lengthy amount of time. Do it, you won't regret it. Unless you are some sort of dreadful anorexic/bulemic type person, when you might well regret it, in which case, go away, this blog is NOT FOR YOU.

SAILOR DRESSES. Goddamn you pretty sailor-dress clad girl that I saw at the clothes-y type market where the Turkish market usually is, you have made my day a hell of wanting. Well, not really, but it was a damned fine sailor dress and now I can picture myself in nothing else. Seriously, is there anything more cuter and flimflammerier than a big collar and a blue-and-white colour scheme? I think not.

A REALLY GOOD LOOKING BLOG. Like this one, which is delicious looking and shows a million lovely things in its posts. I will never have such a thing, of course, due to the frequently referenced lack of computer savvy and general laziness*, but a girl can dream.

A COUNTRY HOUSE WITH A GARDEN BY A LAKE. I don't think this one needs any explaining, as I sit here gently sweating as I type. Oh, what I wouldn't give to spend this muggy night skinny dipping and lying on a lawn looking at the sky with just the moon and some very select company looking on.

Happy Summer, everyone.

* And also possibly the fantastic eye for style and design that this girl has.

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