Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Holy Sweet Jesus Lord.

It is HOT. I am going through cold Club Mates and cold showers like they're going out of fashion. And today, I swear it, is lake day. I have yet to get my lake on in Berlin, but the time has come to submerge myself in some cold Wasser. So, so sweaty.

Another fantastic advantage of the soaring temperatures is the fact that Berlin customer service reaches a whole new pinnacle of unpleasantness. A few tips, if I may, to New Waitresses Everywhere; I know it's a million degrees, and starting a new job is stressful but, and here is the key thing, none of this is actually MY fault. If you're not ready for my order don't bark the customary "bitte schoen" at me and then, upon hearing my order of THREE, not twenty, THREE ITEMS, growl "uuuuh, klein Moment"whilst rolling your eyes manically at me as if I just asked to fellate your boyfriend rather than have some waffles. If you're new, just smile, say sorry for being SO FREAKIN' SLOW, explain your newness and then everyhting will be nice and I won't feel like punching you or crying or both.

Ahem. Lake time it is.


  1. Hi megan, love your blog! I also love Berlin, alas I dont live there like you but i will follow your ramblings from now on and live vicariously through you. enjoy the sommer and crazy germans! Beth

  2. Thank you very much, Beth. It is indeed a great city.