Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

Oooooh golly...

I haven't blogged in ages. I have actually, uncharacteristically, been very busy. I now have a total of four jobs (don't ask). One of them, excitingly, involves teaching kids so I get to play games and do puzzles and so forth all whilst being paid. Super awesome.

Anyway, I'm back in Armagh, your ma, everbody's ma etc etc this week, which is cool except that the weather is horrible. Have taken to wearing my sister's snow boots indoors. Our central heating allowance (particularly in my sister and my rooms at the top of the house) has been drastically cut because of "the crunch". Charming. My mother did make some delicious chocolate chip cookies for us today though, so she has marginally redeemed herself.

Oooooh, I learned a very handy tip yesterday vis-a-vis German airport staff. They can't deal with outbursts of emotion (presumably because they don't have any themselves). Late for a flight? Desk closed? What you must do, dear Irish (or other non-German, ie. someone who would/could ever be late for anything) passenger is IMMEDIATELY BURST INTO HYSTERICAL SOBS. They panic and do whatever they can do to get rid of you a.s.a.p which is of course getting you out of the country. Works like a charm, and is very economical as it removes the need for both buying expensive replacement tickets and bribery.

I'll leave you with this. Because it's pretty and we all need some prettiness to get us through the day sometimes:


  1. Good observation about the airport staff, I have a friend who does the same thing when necessary. Hasn't failed her once.
    You write very well and entertainingly, by the way. I just discovered your blog today, and I now have it bookmarked. I am officially a fan, which means that you must blog more frequently :)

  2. Thank you very much, and I will try! Am trying. Promise.