Samstag, 25. April 2009

I have the weekend off!

A whoop! I am going to do the following:

1) Be sad that I am not on the above tour. Even Uma looks postively put out about it.

2) Hang out with Lovely Lucy who is visiting us all the way from Norfolk. She also came bearing Krispy Kremes, one of which I just ate for breakfast.

3) Go shopping. It has been Too Long. But I am, staggeringly uncharacteristically, "alright for money" at the moment and so may actually be able to buy something shiny for dancing in this evening. I have a (possibly worrying) hankering for an 80s off-the-shoulder-disco/prom queen number. I will ask Lovely Lucy for her advice as she has awesome style (and works in a clothes shop) and therefore knows these things. I, on the other hand, work with small children and so have a disgusting cold at the moment because small children are unclean.

4) Consume a lot of Vitamin C.

5) Go dancing at here tonight, should my cold permit me. Tried to go out last night, epic fail. But hopefully I will be cheered by a shiny new dress or some such to wear.

6) Marvel at the weather. Get John to fix my bike so I can cycle around wearing some sort of floral tea dress marvelling at the weather.

Happy Sunshine Everybody!


  1. How much is a lot of vitamin c?

  2. I think by about 5p.m. I had replaced "Vitamin C" with "vodka", so probably not enough.