Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Ooooh la la!

I was in suuuuuuch a good mood today. That's what an enormous coffee on an empty stomach before going to dance around for an hour with a sweet group of kids in a lovely, tiny Kindergarten way down in the wilds of south Neukoelln will do for one. In an attempt to balance out the CRINGING HORROR of the last post, here are some other things that will make you happy:

Making delicious (almost, I need to tweak it about somehow...) apple and blueberry crumble because it's cold and piss-rainy outside.

Sharing homemade apple and blueberry crumble with someone (definitely) delicious.

Planning weekend adventures somewhere exciting (or even somewhere totally shit, it's all about the attitude, Leute) where you're going to run around like a tourist and have delicious picnics and drink beer in weird places with people with mullets.

Realising that when you have the above planned already, you can move on to planning the day's OUTFIT.

Reading this blog and wondering, since you've never been to Texas, WHY THE SWEET HOLY DICKENS YOU MISS THE FOOD SO DAMN MUCH?

Spending hours youtubing American comedians. This dude is freakin' hilarious:

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