Freitag, 17. September 2010

Happy weekend!

To try to counteract the disgusting levels of depravity reached last weekend*, I am having a quiet one this time around. It's going well, I'm in my amazing lesbian jimjams already, and it's only 21.55! I am busy downloading season one of Glee, and am about to stream the shit out of some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Tomorrow, unfortunately, I shall not be going on an exciting mullet-themed adventure as my bastarding work are dragging us all in for a workshop. Whoopee. Seriously, I work for such an unbelievable shower of fucks. They literally have no idea how to manage staff, and their reasoning is, eternally, that as long as it's in our contract, and they pay us on time, they are in the clear. In fact, as long as they do that they actually don't understand at all why we get angry with them when they give us extra classes at short notice, few holidays, and barely any fucking money. It's almost pathetic watching their funny little minds pack in when confronted with requests for courtesy, respect or humane treatment. "But the money is in your account every month, why don't you trust us?". Oh sorry, yes, well done, sirs. We're pissed off with you, to a man, but you haven't mistreated us to the point of actual breach of contract. Excuse me while I heave the medal of Employer of the Year around your weird scrawny neck. Seriously, both of my bosses have weird necks. Like chicken necks but on backwards or something.

Good Lord, sorry, this was supposed to be a happy post! Which it is. Will be. Trying to think of happy things....fuck it, go watch the episode of It's Always Sunny wherethey go to the Grand Canyon. If that doesn't make you happy to be a human you're a lost cause.

* At one point on Friday night my contact lense fell out. I found it some time later, stuck to the top of my shoe. I spat on it, and put it back in. Oh yes.


  1. 'I spat on it, and put it back in. Oh yes.' hahaha you little hero!

  2. A mullet themed adventure? Tell me more!

    Also glad to see you're still keeping things classay xx