Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

So I haven't had time for blogging... I've been busy running around being a productive and contributive member of German society for weeks on end.

Well, no, obviously not. But I have managed a impressive number of feats, almost entirely without trying. Take yesterday, for example when I literally scraped my nail down a blackboard (by accident, obviously. It will seriously make you want to throw up) AND somehow stood on a tomato on the U Bahn steps, making it violently explode all up the back of my leg. Thursday was equally brilliant, the highlight being the clump of unclaimed blonde hair I found on the floor after a cutting and pasting session with twelve five-year-olds.

On Wednesday though I did go to the KRANKENHAUS (which is word that must always we spoken at a slightly higher decibel level) as I desperately needed some antibiotics at night. And for something that I had envisioned being awful it was incredibly pleasant. Everyone I met was super nice and helpful and it was no problem at all that I didn't have my EHIC card, a Krankenkasse card, or in fact any form of I.D at all. I have yet to receive the bill, to be fair, but in terms of people being kind and nice and understanding it was right up there with....I cannot think of a single example here in Berlin. Not that I don't LOVE Berlin but a bit of a smile wouldn't kill them, is all I'm saying. Speaking of which, if you're reading this, please join my campaign MAKE THE BUS DRIVERS OF BERLIN NOT SUCH A MISERABLE SHOWER OF FUCKS. All you have to do is greet them with a warm smile when you get on the bus and REFUSE TO BE ABASHED WHEN THEY GLARE AT YOU. There is only so long even a Berlin bus driver can glare at a continually smiling visage without feeling like a dick. VIVE LA REVOLUTION!!!

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