Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

101 Posts.

It would appear that my posts, much like the dalmatians, now number 101. Hurrah!! And my readers are now in double figures which is most gratifying for a blog which is largely unreliable, verbose and pointless. In the spirit of this milestone, however, I shall here by deliver a post that actually corresponds to this blog's actual supposed purpose. Namely, what to do when you're BROKE IN BERLIN.

EINS. Revel in the fact that everywhere, from bars to bakeries, has somehow managed to set up a big screen for the WELTMEISTERSCHAFT (yet another German word it is impossible to pronounce without SHOUTING). I have yet to see any matches as a) I am not a fan of sports, as such, anf b) I am piss-lazy but it looks mighty fun. I figure if I do decide to get involved I'm going to eschew paying for overpriced beer at some swanky Biergarten and just rock up to my local spaeti. I don't know the Turkish for "oh, you have a vagina ergo I won't even bother explaining the off-side rule to you" so there's a lot less chance I have punched someone in the face by half-time.

ZWEI. Go on one of the New Berlin free tours. Yes, even if you live here. Yes, even if you think Chris Sandeman is an evil shithead. I am about to drag my cousin, my cousin's boyfriend, my sister and my boyfriend on one on Saturday and oh boy, are we going to have fun. Don't forget to tip as a) the guide has to pay a few euros to the company for every tourist they take on their tours and b) they are really good. You will feel informed and exercised, and so are justified in spending the rest of the evening in the best state of being, smug drunkeness.

DREI. Go for an evening stroll around the canal. I did and I feel damned good for it.

That's all for post 101, I know that you know it's been chock-a-block with interesting and relevant facts and snippets, spread the word lovely people.


  1. WELTMEISTERSCHAFT?? Hahaha. Oh Germany, I am going to have you pay you a visit soon.

  2. Hallo! Thanks for that...it was terribly informative! Really! I am jealous of your biergartens and dodgy Turkish boozing, smug or not.
    And you're so right, smug drunkenness *is* quality :) Or Drug Smunkenness.

  3. there are other companies that offer free tours of Berlin that are not run by an evil shit head who exploits people. i would suggest one of those over new europe tours.