Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009


So on Friday lovely Camilla taught me to knit. First we went to the most amazing wool shop way out West. The U-Bahn stop was Guentzelstrasse, other than that I have little idea where exactly it was. But good golly, it was amazing. A lovely room with really high ceilings all full of lovely, lovely wool. So much lovely wool. And I was really quite over hung, it was so soothing. It took all my self restraint not to climb into their display wagon thing and go to sleep. Almost as soothing as that room with all the model ships in the Technik Museum. But yes, anyway, lovely Camilla sorted me out with wool and needles and then we went and sat in a cafe in F'hain and she taught me to cast on and knit. It was super exciting. Unfortunately I have decided what I want is a really big scarf made from really fine wool so it's going to take me until next Christmas to actually finish it, but still. It's very fun and satisfying, even though I have only knitted about a centimetre. But mark my words, in eighteen months or so I am going to have one freakin' cool scarf.

Other things that have made me happy this weekend:

Discovering (again thanks to Lovely Camilla, who is all kinds of awesome) Nil on Gruenberger Strasse which does these amazing chicken kebab things with peanut sauce. Heavens above.

Having a McDonalds. Yup, it was great and I don't regret eating it one bit. Sometimes (by which I mean those times you've been sicking up last night's fucking Corona ALL DAY) only McDonalds will do.

Getting an hour's extra kip last night, I don't know about you but I really, really needed that.

And, and, AND tonight I'm goingto White Trash for lots of yummy food and giggage.

Great weekend!!!

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