Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts.

Good Lord, it is what can only be described as mothafuckin' freezing outside. I mean, I know it's not and things are only (contrary to what East 17/Labour back in its Tony-is-awesome days would have you believe) going to get much worse but STILL. However, the sudden cold snap does have its upsides.

And there is no side more up than GLUEHWEIN's side. Oh yes, mulled wine season is back, kiddies, back with a vengeance. Seriously, I can't remember drinking anything else from October to March last winter. Why the hell would you? Yummy. Fun to make, fun to heat up out of a carton, fun to share, fun to drink a whole fucking saucepan alone. Perfect accompaniment to cake, stew, spag bol, film nights, Christmas markets, nights in, nights out, Wednesdays, Mondays, dinners, lunchtimes, possibly breakfast, definitely brunch. You get the picture.

I have yet to have any yet but mark my words I shall. In fact I may just organise some kind of ceremonial gluehwein party on Saturday to officially mark the start of the season. Invitations are in the post, bring cake and joy.


  1. Just commenting to tell you again that you have a darn funny and well-written blog. Do you have literary ambitions, by any chance? This blog could be the framework for a really funny novel, I think, what with all the sleeping on doormats and so on. Also, I agree completely about the glühwein.

  2. Aw, what nice things you say. I would quite like to be a writer, yes. Or at least write on the side of being a teacher. Though that all sounds quite high achieving for someone often too lazy to wash either the dishes or herself. But yes, thank you. You can come have a gluehwein with me any time.