Montag, 11. Oktober 2010


So on Friday the Boyfriend (who is from El Paso, Texas, of all places) was wandering aimlessly round Gruenau (as we English teachers are wont to do. Seriously, the places they send us...) when he stumbled upon a place claiming to be an authentic Texan bbq joint, namely Wright's BBQ.  Intrigued, he snoops around until discovered by the owners (the place is still closed), who invite him in for further snooping and chatting. Turns out that not only are they Texan, but they are from El Paso, of all places. The Boyfriend's excitement is barely to be contained, and arranges for us to go out the next day for lunch.

Suffice to say we ended up staying there for about seventy-nine hours.  And oh sweet Jesus Lord was it ever good. We went for lunch on Saturday and started with brisket and ribs, with a variety of delicious sides, and then got so drunk on tequila and whiskey we had to stay for dinner, which was brisket (the BF's) and chicken (mine, and SOFUCKINGGOOD) sandwiches on homemade bread. Then we drank more.

So yes, go go GO! Go say hello to the lovely Thomas and his sister Claire who run the place (and will listen to you mumble and bumble on endlessly for hours whilst cheerfully refilling your drinks). Go eat brisket and chicken and ribs and beans and Texas style potato salad and AWESOMENESS.


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