Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Flat-hunting, flat-hunting. II.

Jesus, I'm just about to giveup. The Dream Flat is leider not available and God knows everything else is shit. Berlin, I love you but I draw the line at at living in a space that looks like it's been cobbled together out of spare bits of appartment block. Half a room here (seriously, HALF A ROOM IS GOOD FOR WHAT EXACTLY?), hardly any kitchen there (Mr Estate Agent Man you are very nice, and your gold trainers very snappy but I refuse to agree that my dining table would go nicely IN THE HALL). Please, Immobilien Gods, take pity on me. There's only so much more I can take.

And, while we're on the subject, this provision nonsense has me about ready to kill a puppy. The system seems to go something like this- someone wants to rent their flat out, they go to an estate agent, they receive a service, then the new renters, who have found the flat THEMSELVES, ONLINE, pay for this service. And not just a nominal amount, oh no, about 800 euros on average. It is alarmingly similar to the logic that allows out-going renters to say things like "oh and there's an extra 500 euro we'd ask you for, should you want the flat, because 18 months ago we made some decorating decisions that you should pay for, natuerlich und logisch". If anyone can point out what the fuck is logisch about that I'll be mighty bloody ueberrascht.


  1. That is one of my major problems with the German flat-renting as well. They actually expect you to pay for the privilege of renting an apartment from them. And not just a little, either - they usually quote 2,38 times the monthly rent, so it all looks REALLY scientific and reasonable. I never rent from those people on principle.

  2. I would do the same but the fatigue and despair have robbed me of my principles.

  3. Just came across your blog and have to offer my sympathies... Berlin is so awesome but even after 8 months here, I find myself constantly asking, "WTF?" Especially when it comes to banks and apartments...

  4. The owners of apartments love real estate agents because they do a preselection. And manage all the uncomfortable things like not telling people that they have not been selected as tenants. When looking for an apartment you have to avoid real estate agents. If you don't they prosper and multiply. That's a dogma in flat hunting. Unluckily I broke that rule myself when I was looking for an apartment last year and found exactly the flat I wanted, offered ... via a real estate agent. Don't know how to tranlsate that: Ich habe in den sauren Apfel gebissen... and it was really sour (acid - acerbic - tart - offers a lot of translations for that). So this particular agent prospers and multiplies on my expense now but at least the appartment is really good. But you should not support real estate agents, never. They are leeches on the purses of flathunters!

    Good luck!

  5. Guten Lucken Megan!

    Sounds like quite a rigmarole; one can only sympathise with your travails with cupboard-renters.

    Dublin is not as bad: in fact, I intend to rent one of our NAMA properties in Ballsbridge, as their owners are sadly detained in Sunny Spain.

    Good luck chicken! c

  6. Don't pay provision to these guys! Don't move into flats that are two expensive, don't pay too much, please everyone relocating here and bringing New York or London ideas of prices is killing this city. 8% rental raise in 2008 in Kreuzberg, thats a lot higher of inflation or the declining unregulated hourly wage. Go on some of the German immo sites and find yourself a place, there are thousands of Apts without provision.