Montag, 31. August 2009

The Art of Being Back in Berlin.

For the authentic Back in Berlin experience it is necessary (apparently, to my somewhat addled mind) to complete at least some of the following steps.

1) Have night out that you can only remember about 17% of.

2) Spend day in bed vomiting (this step is more or less directly linked to step 1).

3) Resume marvelling at just how wired one can get off of a Club Mate.

4) "Lose" close friend for a good 36 hours (and counting). Seriously, where is she? I texted her last night to assertain whether she was still alive and got the prompt, but not terribly reassuring response "Just about. See you in the morro.xx"

5) Go to Sachsenhausen, spend rest of Sunday afternoon pondering the pointlessness of human existance.

6) Watch Goodbye Lenin and have faith in German / human race restored. Also get really excited when you recognise bits of Berlin. Also get quite excited, but in a different way, everytime the camera does a close up of Daniel Bruehl's lovely face looking lovely.

7) Continue to nurture unhealthy obsession with Katy Perry. Though to be fair, this isn't exactly linked to Berlin. Just to me. Somewhat upsettingly.

Ah Berlin.

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