Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

Every cloud has a silver lining...

Sometimes bad things happen. Things that make you say ridiculous things like "I can't believe I'm hearing this" or "Jesus, I did not see this coming" and then make hollow little laughing sounds. It is during times like these (or possibly a little after, once the sobbing and the "I FUCKING HATE THEM AAAAAAALLLLL"-ing have subsided), however, that one must remember the Important Things In Life:

1) Friends. Where the holy hell would we be without people who will (repeatedly) drop everything and run to your bedside bearing chocolate, waffel mischung, Bulgarian wine (affairs of the heart may get messy, but they need never be expensive) and fucktons of sympathetic expletives / offers of violent retribution? Up shit creek, alone, with no paddle to speak of, howling in pain / vain and gagging for Eastern European alcohol, that's where.

2) Mothers. As above but with added wisdom. And an oft creepy, but ultimately useful, insight into one's own head. And probably better taste in wine.

3) Other people's blogs what which you have just discoved and love so much you spend most of the weekend reading their archives.

See, life's not all bad.


  1. You spent all weekend reading my archives? Really? If that's even vaguely true then I'm highly flattered, it's very nice to be found. I spent a good while late one night last week reading through my old archives and getting confused by them.

  2. I did indeed, and very good it was too. And I am nothing if not a Discerning Reader. I like how you write, and the bits about your g.f. restored my faith when my view of the Irish Male was sorely tried.